Automatic Filing of Paper Documents

Automatic Filing of Paperdocuments

Just two clicks on your Brother scanner controlpanel and your paperdocument is automatically filed in the right folder in your webarchive and on your workstation. Provided that you are allowed to access the folder with the document. That’s how easy it is with InfoShare Automatic Filing for Brother scanners.


The best solutions are the ones, that you (almost) can’t see and this is the case for InfoShare Automatic Filing for Brother Scanners: Just scan the document and our solutions find the correct folder by looking inside the document for keywords or text combinations set up by your administrator. For instance finding a social security number or car registration number creates a folder with that number and puts a pdf of the document into that folder. We provide an installation of NextCloud for your user administration and easy access to the documents on the web and for synchronising with folders on your workstation.

Unbelievable easy!

System setup, on your server or on a cloud server provided by us: 1.990 euro + VAT

Ready to go virtual cloud server with 4 GB memory, 2 CPUs and 80 GB SSD storage: 19.90 euro/mth (+VAT)

System support agreement available, but not obligatory: 180 euro/mth (+VAT)

Contact admin @ infoshare . dk for further information.